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Volker SUI 81 Präsident Erich SUI 91 Vize-präsident Markus SUI 75 Sekretär

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Im Jura wird auch Contender gesegelt! Vier Contender werden an der Bol d'Or teilnehmen. 

Sowie an der bekannte französischen  Regatta "Breizhskiff" eine Yardstick Regatta nur für Skiffs. 

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Italienische Regatten 2020

wm medemblik abgesagt

Dear Contender sailors,

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the 2020 World Championship, to be held in Medemblik in August, is cancelled.

The Corona virus disrupts daily life of us all. It is uncertain how long it will take before we can again go and stay anywhere we like. Possibly, some of us have to postpone or skip plans for sailing because more important things need to be done first. Already many regattas are postponed until late summer, causing a compresserd racing calendar.

Under these circumstances, the Dutch Contender Association committee considers that a international event in August is no longer feasible. The value of the World Championship is severly degraded if not everybody has an equal opportunity to compete. Furthermore, the DCA does not have the means to cover the financial consequences of a strongly reduced number of participants.

We hope that the Open Dutch Nationals in September can be held. If that happens, we’ll try to make them as attractive as possible for you. It is something to look forward to: to have a Contender fleet racing of the shore of Medemblik, a little bit more than 50 years after the first trials were sailed there.

The sailors who have already registered and paid to participate in the Worlds should have recieved a full refund already.

Wishing the very best in these difficult times,

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Fabienne: "schau zur Tonne",     Jean François schaut lieber in die Kamera.